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Auction ten
  1. I take part in an auction only, if I really want to sell or buy something..that´s why I make the registration
  2. I will keep the conditions stated by organizers
  3. In my own interest I will say only true information about the function and conditions of the thing I will offer
  4. I am aware of the fact that the state of my offered thing, that I´m finding as "A+", can be found as eg "B-" by somebody else.
  5. Or "C"
  6. I will offer only things, that I am sure they are mine or I am accredited by the owner to sell it and ist origin is known by me.
  7. I will not offer (unfortunately so often done) forgeries of equipments of famous marks as originals and I will inform about such equipments and accessories because they are collected too
  8. I accept the rule that I will really sell my things to the person who will offer the most
  9. I will keep the silence about all facto concerned in activities of virtual auction house, if I am asked to sale and delivery
  10. I will ask the same for me from organizers
What is possible to offer tothe auction

Don´t offer: Things that are not said in our detail list or things that are in a great number on the trade and are not good for an auction, it would be only a loss of time and money.( We cannot really list everthing, as an example we can mention „ Zenit E“, that were produced more than a million pieces; but if there is something interesting on it, why not….)

An organizer of a virtual auction reserves a right not to include in an auction things that he is thinking about that they are bad saleable by this way. He will suggest then, by arrangment, another form of sale.

Finantial conditions of auction
5 problem that can come during an auction on the both sides and that are worth being reminded


  1. – will not want to give or show the thing to an auction, he offers only a photo
    + he bears the risk to the shopper that does not have to buy the thing sold by auction because of the quality
  2. - will not want to fill in the registration, he will not want to pay auction stock (documents)
    + will not be able to take part in auction!
  3. - after the filling and paying the auction stocks, he will sell thing outside of the auction or will make registration in the auction and will put up the price
    + his auction stock will lapse and it will be said in his registration
  4. - will not want to watt for money till the end of the auction and delivery to the buyer
    + will be able to use the posibility of immediate sale
  5. - lives out of Prague and will not want neither to come to tradinitional "Prague photo show" (Pražská Fotoburza) or meet for the delivery of thing, he is offering only a photo
    + he bears the risk to the same - as 1


  1. - will not want to fill in registration, will not say the account number etc.
    + will not be allowed to the auction
  2. - will not be satisfied with the thing sold by the auction because of the condition of the thing, although the organizer has informed him well about the condition, the price etc.
    + will not be allowed, if it will be unjustified, to take part in other auctions
  3. - will not live in Prague, but he will not want to pick up the thing in "Prague Photo Show" /Pražská Fotoburza/, or to have it posted etc.
    + will be offered another contact place, eg. in a branch office of the Prague bank/ČSOB/
  4. - will not want to pay the postal charge and other charges connected with it
    + it depends on the arrangement of both subjects, if they will agree on it, the organizer does not pay these costs, otherwise there is a rule that the buyer pays all these costs, especially to abroad
  5. - will not pick up the thing
    + will not be allowed to take part in the auction and will be written on the auction "black list"
Conditions of postal sending

At a request it is possible to send the thing sold by the auction to the buyer by mail.Conditions and postal charges are guided by a current price list of Czech post office.

Postal, insurance and parcel charges,pertinently a duty for sending to abroad, are covered by an addressee.

After an arrangement, it is possible to send the thing sold by an auction cash on delivery, but only inside Czech republic. Postal and parcel charges 100,- CZK

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