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Zdeněk Kovář
Zdeněk Kovář

The entrepreneur of the auction space, Mr. Zdeněk Kovář have a praktice of almost twenty years in the profession and excerpt his own initiatives in the business, he is interested in the photography and the collecting.

He is well-know in the circle of the photographic public in Prague and Czech rep.

Z.K. worked as a photomechanic, later he became independent and had a shop with a photo equipments and service, since 1997 he has doing the only Prague Photo Show (Pražská Fotoburza) and since 2001 also the web page Prague Photo Show (Pražská Fotoburza), wether stone or virtual, is a main space, where the public can contact the organizers of the auction and make a possible supply a trade a lodge complaint and propose an improvment etc.

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