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title page > auction > Determination of a state of a photographic technology
  1. completely new unused camera, completely functional, without scratches, eventually in an original cover and with service instructions and a warranty certificate
  2. minimally used camera, completely functional, without scratches in the paint or other surface finish, great cover
  3. common used camera, completely functional, good state of the cover and surface finish
  4. very used camera, comletely functional, the state of cover appropriate to using
  5. partially functional camera, but possible to repair( neccessary to specificate the damage)
  6. completely unfunctional camera, but possible to repair (neccessary to describe more detailedly)
  7. partially functional or unfunctional camera, impossible to repair

We know that this is only a general specification of the state , only for general orientation of possible interested person. Detailed description of the state (cover, instructions…) is always welcome and photography is very good, esp. By expensive and rare cameras.

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